Registration instructions 

Welcome to the 43rd TAP Open registration area.

The personal information you provide here will be used only for procedures relative to the tournament registrations, and will not be used for unsolicited purposes. We will protect your privacy.

Please consult our terms & conditions before proceeding.

The registration form we provide was built to ease the sign-in procedures and covers two main areas: Participant’s personal data and package details. Please make sure you provide as much information as possible in order for us to present you the best package prices.

You can find in the Personal Data’s area of the form several fields for you to insert your name and surname; your gender; your country of origin; if you are playing the tournament, or not, and other important information required for your enrollment.

In the “hotel” field, you must select between the options available: The “No Hotel”, meaning you do not wish to stay in any of the available hotels; or select one of the three hotel units from the list.

The package accommodation includes 7 nights at the chosen hotel, with the default check-in and check-out dates being 7th to 14th November 2020. if you wish to extend/anticipate or change the default accommodation period, please insert your preferred dates in the respective hotel check-in and check-out fields.

The room occupation type (single or double) must also be selected in the appropriate field. Please remember that if you are requesting a double room occupation, you must provide additional information pertaining to the second occupant, such as the name, gender and country of origin, as well as refer the golfer, or non-golfer, status.

The rent-a-car area collects information that AVIS requires before processing your car rental. if you do not wish to rent a car, please select the “No Car” option from the “Car type” field. Please refer to the car types and characteristics beforehand, as the type of car will also affect the final price of your chosen package.

Additionally, for your car rental details, please insert in the respective fields; the designated driver, the pick-up date and estimated time, the pick-up location (airport), as well as the return date and estimated time, and the return location.

Please bare in mind that the rental default period of 7 days counts from the time of pick-up hour to the drop-off hour, without any provision for delayed deliveries.

The TAP Open packages car rental include unlimited mileage, basic insurances such as collision damage waiver (CDW), civil responsibility and theft protection; airport service supplement, and taxes.  The packages do not include: Fuel, extra driver upgrade, vehicle upgrade, e-toll, deposit fee reduction; personal assistance insurance, super CDW, or any other extra insurances or services hired by golfers at car pick-up. 

AVIS has also available an exclusive super CDW insurance, upon request, with a 50% reduction over the standard price. AVIS requires a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card upon the car delivery. 

In case you need more that one car, please inform us through the tournament’s e-mail address

At the end of the registration form, there are two contact fields for you to insert your e-mail address (required), and your phone number (optional) in case you prefer to be contacted also by phone.

As soon as we receive your registration, we will reply to the e-mail address you inserted in the registration form.

If you are comfortable with the information you provided in the registration form, please press the “submit” button. If there is no errors due to lack of required information, you will then receive an alert stating that your registration was successfully send.

Please note that this “sent” alert does not confirm your enrollment for the tournament. It only states that your submission was properly sent.

A proper personalized confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you inserted in the registration form, with the necessary steps for you to finalize your registration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at in case you need further assistance.